Argyle Large Format Collection

The best vehicle for long-term ageability is capturing vintages in large format. We've given you a head start on the first few years of aging with this rare selection from our library.

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SKU: 09118.09

Argyle Brut Rosé is magic-in-the-making. How else can we describe the storybook marriage of our most vibrant fruit? Argyle Brut Rosé weds rose petal aromas and delicate fruit flavors in an opulent structure renewing our vow to craft the very finest vintage Sparkling Wine.

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SKU: 09560.13

This rare large format selection from our library is a classic Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir from a cool growing season.

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SKU: 09129.10

This extremely rare magnum from the Argyle library of our bone-dry 2014 Spirithouse Riesling is a representation of the purest form of the Riesling varietal.

Just 12 magnums available.

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SKU: 09456.14

Our founding winemaker, Rollin Soles, came to the Willamette Valley in the 1980’s to make this wine. It is the foundation on which everything at Argyle is made. Our signature sparkling wine is preserved for extended bottle aging in a magnum format.

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SKU: 09105.13